"America Be Strong"
Composed by Tony La Stella
A Gift To The Nation

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Since the 9-11 tragedy “America Be Strong” has been an anthem of hope delivering a message of inspiration across the nation and around the world.  Encouraging “People to help People,” the “America Be Strong Project” has raised money to assist those in need…Make a Mortgage Payment…Pay a Medical Bill…Buy a Bag of Groceries.  The “America Be Strong Concert Tour” is creating jobs and changing lives in communities across the country, while spreading US Goodwill to cities around the world and supporting US Soldiers serving both domestically and overseas. 

Please join Tony La Stella & The America Be Strong Team in making our Gift to the Nation.  Downloads of the song “America Be Strong” are FREE, so please take a copy and share it with everyone you know. 

We ask you to consider making a Voluntary Donation to our project.  Your support…in any amount…will enable us to continue our 10 years of work into the future.  Please give any amount you can…$5…$10…$20…  Even a $1 Donation given by enough supporters will enable us to continue our valuable work to help people in need, create jobs, support soldiers and spread a message of hope across the land.

  Download for FREE America Be Strong  

Please Join Our Cause in Getting Word Out to Your Family, Friends, Clients and Associates.

Consider placing a "America Be Strong" Button on your Home Page
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People will see you are supporting a Great Cause and you will be encouraging
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                              3. After pasting the button on your page, use this code to
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      <a target="_blank" href="http://www.icamanagement.net/AmericaBeStrong.htm">
                              NOTE: This should make sure that the hyperlink as a pop-u